Zach age 8 – My crotch is gold.

Zach age 8 – The weiner is sticking out.

Zach age 9 – Why did they call it The Man with the Golden Gun, it should have been called The Man with the Third Nipple.

At least now I have a record of all this so that I may embarass him at his wedding by printing all these out and putting them in a Powerpoint presentation along with some equally embarassing photos.

The 4th one is a real doozy!

Age 8 – Upon seeing Suicide Chocolate Cake on the menu – So what, did this cake like jump off the building or something?  I’m gonna ask the waitress if it jumped off the building!”

Age 7 – Upon seeing a teenage boy in skater clothing, with the jet black dyed hair swooped over one eye and looking completely emo:  “If that emo kid orders a happy meal, I’m gonna laugh my head off..”

Age 8 – On piercings:  Sister:  I can’t picture Alex (older brother) with a piercing.  Me:  No, he’d be playing with it all day.  Zach:  Oh, there’s such a thing as peepee piercings?

Age 8 – On mean kids at school:  Mom, why are some kids mean and some kids nice?  Me:  Well sometimes the mean kids are nice and the nice kids are mean too!  Zach: Oh, so they’re all bipolar.

Age 6 – Upon having his picture taken for the Nth time:  “What is this, described video for the visually impaired?”

Age 6 – After me voicing out loud wondering why Alex was taking so long in the shower:  “He’s playing with his dingleberry.”

Age 8 – After seeing the LMFAO, Sexy and I know it video – “What a stupid video with all these men going around and shaking their bulges..  I don’t have a bulge yet.”

I’ve missed this.

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So maybe I can conjure up enough creativity to get back to it.

I wanna do bad things with you..

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True Blood has me hooked, line and sinker!

I am currently half-way through the first season and was happy to read they are working on a second season.

Finally, a show I can sink my teeth into.

Brain Freeze

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This was me on my way to work this morning.

Current Weather Updated: Wednesday, January 14, 2009, 20:00 EST – P.E.Trudeau Airport

Feels Like: -32°C
Wind: W 17km/h

..and for my American friends…
Feels Like: -26°F

But of course since it’s hot in the lab where I work, I have to wear a T-shirt otherwise I’d die and slowly melt into a puddle on the lab floor. So the object of the game is layers.
Stay tuned for another episode of "My Life as  Human Popsicle."

Das boot

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Here’s the ones I got..  they usually go for about $150 but I paid a whopping $76 for them.
They are a knock off of the Fiorentini & Baker boots (below) which retail for $525.  Savings of $440.. ;)