Memphis was just a day stop.  We went to see Graceland, however, at the cost of the tickets to get in, we stayed on the outside and posed for pictures by the gate.  Across the street, Elvis’ planes were on display so we took a look at those too..


After Graceland, we decided to stop for lunch.  We decided to try the Van Bistro.


Our gracious host Kristen, made us sandwiches from the back of the van.  😛

After our snack, we visited the National Civil Rights Museum, the site where Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated.  A very humbling experience to listen to his friend recount that day.

The next stop where we spent the night was Little Rock, Arkansas.  We’re not going to discuss that place.  Let’s just say it was a sleep-and-get-the-hell-out experience.



First stop – Nashville..

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Thankfully Nashville was only a short 5 hour drive from Dayton.  We drove through Kentucky and some of the prettiest highway scenery I’ve seen in awhile.  Even the rest stops were cute.

When we arrived in Nashvile, we did our usual budget dinner at McDonald’s (second night, no one is sick of it yet) and took in some of the sights.  We planned a 2 day stay.. I did want to see the Grand Ole Opry, but we ended up at a Willie Nelson and Dukes of Hazzard Museum instead.


We also took in a plantation tour of the Belle Meade plantation.  There were still bullet holes in the columns in front of the house from the civil war, and the old slave quarters were still standing.   My biggest thrill was to sit in the shade of a giant Magnolia tree.  The scent was heavenly, and the shade welcomed on a hot day.

I didn’t get to see as much of Nashville as I would have liked, but just the plantation visit was a big enough thrill for me, and my son Alex was over the moon for getting to see the General Lee..

Then we were off to Memphis……..

Road trippin’

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Back in 2010, I embarked on a life long dream of mine to drive across the US to California.  The kids and I had just lost our house to a fire, and had some insurance money left over from replacing everything, so off we went.  I figured it would be both fun and therapeutic and I was right.  By the time we hit the Grand Canyon, the kids were like, “What fire?”

I had the whole 6 weeks planned out, but not written in stone.  Every day was merely a suggestion and if we decided to spend a day or two longer in one city, we had to decide which city to deduct from or not go to at all.  For this trip, 4 days in Savannah Georgia was sacrificed to spend more time in Vegas, LA and the beach in Florida.

The first day of the trip was quite eventful.  I had planned we would leave at 8am, and arrive in Dayton Ohio, in roughly 12 hours to get at least a huge chunk of the initial drive out of the way.  Well, once we crossed the border and were driving through upstate NY, the van decided to pull a “UFO is landing nearby skit” with the dashboard lights flickering on and off, the needles going crazy and the radio turning on and off.  Luckily we had just passed a garage so turned around and pulled in.  I explained to the mechanic what happened, and he couldn’t figure it out, nor could I reproduce it since everything was back to normal.  He suggested I take it to the Dodge dealer a few blocks down and have them run a check on it.  Now, considering this van is going to be our home for the next 6 weeks I figured I better take him up on his advice.

The mechanic at the dealership decided to just run a system diagnostics on it that would take about half an hour..  I explained to him we had just started our cross country road trip and hoped nothing was seriously wrong with the van.  His buddy showed up and started talking to his friend about how bored he was..  The mechanic gestured towards me and said “Go with her, she’s off to the Grand Canyon”, to which his friend replied “Heck I don’t even know where the Grand Canyon is!!”

The problem with the van turned out to be a blown fuse which was caused by the plug in cooler I had brought along.  He replaced the fuse, gave me 10 extra, said there was no bill and to enjoy our trip!  I could have hugged him!   So that added an extra hour to the trip, I figured no problem.  Well, by the time we got near Buffalo, there were traffic jams, construction, half the highway ripped up, ditto for parts of Pennsylvania and Ohio.  So again, we left Montreal at 8am hoping to arrive in Dayton at 8pm, and we pulled into our Motel at 2am the following morning.  Needless to say I was a wee bit grumpy and tired.

After some much needed sleep, a shower, and White Castle for breakfast (nothing like a fart burger first thing in the morning), it was off to Nashville……………..


Zach age 8 – My crotch is gold.

Zach age 8 – The weiner is sticking out.

Zach age 9 – Why did they call it The Man with the Golden Gun, it should have been called The Man with the Third Nipple.

At least now I have a record of all this so that I may embarass him at his wedding by printing all these out and putting them in a Powerpoint presentation along with some equally embarassing photos.

The 4th one is a real doozy!

Age 8 – Upon seeing Suicide Chocolate Cake on the menu – So what, did this cake like jump off the building or something?  I’m gonna ask the waitress if it jumped off the building!”

Age 7 – Upon seeing a teenage boy in skater clothing, with the jet black dyed hair swooped over one eye and looking completely emo:  “If that emo kid orders a happy meal, I’m gonna laugh my head off..”

Age 8 – On piercings:  Sister:  I can’t picture Alex (older brother) with a piercing.  Me:  No, he’d be playing with it all day.  Zach:  Oh, there’s such a thing as peepee piercings?

Age 8 – On mean kids at school:  Mom, why are some kids mean and some kids nice?  Me:  Well sometimes the mean kids are nice and the nice kids are mean too!  Zach: Oh, so they’re all bipolar.

Age 6 – Upon having his picture taken for the Nth time:  “What is this, described video for the visually impaired?”

Age 6 – After me voicing out loud wondering why Alex was taking so long in the shower:  “He’s playing with his dingleberry.”

Age 8 – After seeing the LMFAO, Sexy and I know it video – “What a stupid video with all these men going around and shaking their bulges..  I don’t have a bulge yet.”

I’ve missed this.

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So maybe I can conjure up enough creativity to get back to it.